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All uncertified Teach For America Phoenix corps members are required to complete Arizona State University (ASU) “InMAC” master’s program (through the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College), and acquire their intern teaching certificates from the Arizona Department of Education.

Becoming Certified to Teach

Unless you already have a valid teaching certificate, you will apply for the Arizona Intern Teaching Certificate. There are five (and potentially six) requirements needed to apply for this certificate*:

  1. Enrollment in a teacher certification program (ASU InMAC master’s program)
  2. Official degree-conferred transcripts from an undergraduate institution
  3. Passing score on your required NES content exam
  4. IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card
  5. Check or money order for $60-120, made out to the Arizona Department of Education
  6. Structured English Endorsement certificate (only for corps members who will be teaching in ELL/ESL placements)

*The costs for these requirements, not including certification program enrollment, range from $450-$705.

Do I need to enroll in a certification program during my two year commitment?

Yes. Unless you already have a valid teaching certificate, corps members must enroll in Arizona State University’s InMAC program (master’s + certificate).

Will I receive a full salary and benefits while on the Arizona Intern Teaching Certificate?

Yes, you will receive full salary and benefits.

Graduate School

Can I get a master’s degree in education during my two years in the corps?

Yes, Teach For America Phoenix partners with Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College. Through this partnership, Phoenix corps members enroll in the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College InMAC program, take online and in-person classes, and receive a tuition discount. The corps member cost for the entire master's degree is a flat rate of $12,000.

Is there a non-master’s degree option for obtaining certification?

No. Teach For America Phoenix partners exclusively with Arizona State University for the InMAC master’s program. For more information about this policy, please email

TFA Training

The summer before you begin teaching, Teach For America hosts a six-week training institute in Phoenix, which takes place from approximately last week of May through the second week of July.

During this training, you will have the opportunity to build foundational teaching skills, with a focus on classroom management and culture, building positive relationships with students, planning and executing objective-driven lessons, adjusting instruction based on ongoing data, and operating with cultural competence. You will do this through teaching students at a locally run summer school, attending professional development sessions led by Teach For America alumni educators and Arizona State University professors, and meeting individually with a teaching coach. You will also build connections with other corps members, the Phoenix community, and the broader TFA movement. Corps members enrolled in Arizona State University’s InMAC program will receive course credit towards their master's degree for completion of Teach For America’s institute.


You will be matched with a Teacher Leadership Coach, or TLC, who will support your development throughout your two-year commitment. The Phoenix TLCs are:

  • Kelly Alden
  • Rita Jensen
  • Katie Mason Smith
  • Meg McCormick-Ugalino
  • Erika Poblete Alvarez
  • Sariah Winn

TLCs will support you by:

  • Helping you craft a vision and academic goal for your classroom and students
  • Providing individualized support (co-planning, observations, coaching conversations, etc.) to help you build high-impact skills, mindsets, and knowledge to lead your classroom towards your vision
  • In your first year especially, supporting you to create a strong classroom culture and rigorous instructional plans
  • Guiding you to maintain balance and resilience while teaching