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Learn more about the process for becoming certified to teach in the Orlando region.

Becoming Certified to Teach


Florida offers two types of educator certificates: temporary and professional. 

  • Temporary certificates - valid for three years and are not renewable.
  • Professional certificates - valid for five years and are renewable.

Both certificate types require the candidate to hold at least a bachelor’s degree and be able to demonstrate mastery of subject area knowledge.

If you are already certified to teach in another state, you may submit your information to the Florida Department of Education, which offers reciprocity with 47 other states.

For more information, visit the FL DOE website or email Teach For America Orlando. 

Master's Degree Option

Teach for America Orlando corps members are not required to attend a graduate program during their two-year commitment. However, many of our corps members choose to take advantage of these partnership opportunities:

  • University of Central Florida master of education program
  • Johns Hopkins University’s online master of science in education program (includes nine free credits for your Teach For America summer institute experience)

Estimated Costs

  • Up-front testing and certification costs: $400
  • Ongoing Certification Costs: $500
  • You may be able to offset ongoing certification costs with an AmeriCorps education award.

TFA Training

What to Expect

The summer before you begin teaching, all Teach For America corp members in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami-Dade attend a five-week Teach For America Florida training institute in Miami, Florida.

Once in Orlando, there is ongoing and targeted leadership development provided by Teach For America Orlando staff. This development begins early in your first year teaching and continues after your leadership journey transitions into being an alumni.


Brian Little and Jennifer Ovares lead our teacher leadership development program and Regan Balmoja leads our alumni leadership work.

“I am beyond thrilled to be supporting corps members who will be impacting the community where I was raised. Some of you will be teaching at my former schools! Thank you in advance for committing to the children and families of my hometown.”

Jennifer Ovares

Manager of Teacher Leadership Development, Teach For America