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Learn more about average salaries, cost of living, and expenses in the Oklahoma City region.


The average salary for a starting Oklahoma public school teacher with a bachelor's degree is $38,000 (following teacher pay raise legislation). Corps members are independently hired by local schools or districts. They are responsible for obtaining certification and employment and are not paid by TFA.

  • Monthly Pre-Tax Salary: $3,167
  • Taxes: $550
  • Health Insurance: $70
  • Monthly Take Home Pay: $2,547


Our partner schools typically offer the following benefit options for teachers. These are subject to change and more information can be provided once districts provide their updated packages each year:

  • Health benefits
  • Medical, dental, and vision care
  • Additional Life 
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Group Term Life 
  • Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement
  • Annuity Options 
  • Health Savings Plan 
  • Supplemental Insurance 
  • Paid Sick Leave

Moving Costs

Your one-time summer start-up costs estimates for coming to Oklahoma City are:

  • Up-front testing expenses: $240
  • Up-certification expenses: $100
  • First months rent + deposit: $700 (shared), $1200 (single)
  • Travel for summer training: $50
  • Professional attire expenses: $215
  • School supplies: $250

Total summer start up costs is estimated at: $1,555-$2,555 

Rent & Utilities

Your estimated rent & utilities costs are:

  • (Shared) $450 <rent> + $150 <phone, internet, utilities> = $600
  • (Single) $600 <rent> + $150 <phone, internet, utilities> =$750

Living Expenses

Your dollar goes farther in OKC—compared to San Francisco, your cost of living will be 52 percent lower here. Minus rent and utilities, your estimated monthly living expenses are: $1,365. Sharing those expenses with peers can bring that even lower.

Ongoing certification




Clothing And Shoes


Sports And Leisure


Food & Groceries




Housing Assistance

Several non-profits, government programs, churches, and charities in Oklahoma County focus on offering rental assistance as well as low-income housing to the less fortunate and needy in the community. They may have direct financial assistance that they can offer for paying rent, or be able to refer individuals to emergency crisis programs.

See here for a more extensive listing.


Most corps members find that a car is required to get around. Unless you live in one of the walkable communities in midtown or downtown, you'll need a car to get around Oklahoma City. While many neighborhoods feature sidewalks, areas are often too spread out to make walking a viable option.

EMBARK operates nearly two dozen bus routes across the region. While these routes are generally limited to Oklahoma City, local, city-specific bus service is available in nearby communities like Edmond and Norman. The Spokies bike-share program offers an environmentally friendly commuting option for those located in downtown Oklahoma City. The upcoming Oklahoma City Street Car will make getting around downtown more convenient.