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Learn more about average salaries, cost of living, and expenses in the New York region.


A first-year teacher can earn $46,000-$70,000 depending on their teaching position and prior experience. The starting salary for the DOE is currently $61,070. Early childhood education salaries range from $46,000-$61,000, with most corps members earning $51,000. Charter school salaries range from $55,000-$70,000. Teachers who earn on their upper end of the range traditionally have past teaching experience or advanced degrees in teaching.


Our partner schools offer health insurance and retirement benefits, though the specific plans will vary from school to school. 

Moving Costs

Moving costs vary greatly based on distance and location. 

Rent & Utilities

Upfront housing costs will vary depending on your situation and living preferences, but could range from $4,500-$6,800 if including first and last month’s rent and/or a security deposit/broker’s fee. TFA NY will provide resources to help corps members secure housing in the spring.

Living Expenses

  • Phone, Internet, Utilities: $475
  • Transit Pass: $127

Certification Costs

  • Up-front Testing Costs: $500
  • Up-front Certification Costs: $1,780 (this includes the out of pocket tuition required for your first semester at Relay GSE)
  • Ongoing Certification Costs: $22,000 (Please Note: This is the list price for Relay GSE. Relay defers the portion of your tuition covered by the AmeriCorps award to the end of the year. The total out of pocket cost for corps members who are eligible for both AmeriCorps awards is $6,700 over the course of the two years.)


    Most corps members use public transportation and find that a car is not necessary to get around.