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Teach for America New Mexico

As a New Mexico corps member, you will have the opportunity to prepare students to be authentic leaders for their Sovereign Nations and communities. Joining our team will change you because the work we do is for the next generation.   

The story of Teach For America New Mexico is 17 years in the making.

Since our founding in 2001, Teach For America has worked to develop strong partnerships with the Sovereign Nations in New Mexico. We recognize that for too long, Indigenous communities have been denied the power to control the direction of education for their students. The opportunity to give our undivided attention to the communities we serve, as well as to our mission to end educational inequity for all students, is too great to ignore.

Throughout your journey as a Teach For America New Mexico corps member, you will grow as a leader. Your impact will begin with a focus on academic achievement, and will extend to all the other measures our communities care about the most.  

You will join 48 fellow corps members in classrooms across the northwest and central part of New Mexico, affecting the lives of over 2,400 students. You will also meet some of our nearly 230 alumni who are movers and shakers in our state, including:

  • 6 school system leaders
  • 9 administrators or principals
  • 85 who continue to teach
  • 100+ who continue to impact the systems affecting children every day

Moved by the passion and potential of the parents, elders, and students we work with, we have built our lives here, met partners here, started families here, established homes here, and continue to pour our hearts into our students and their families. For us, it is personal. For us, it is both hard work and heart work.


Corps members




School administrators and principals


School system leaders

“Teach For America connected me to my current position in state government, and my classroom experience helped me land a role in analyzing education policy and financing. Every day I think of my students and how the policies I evaluate can impact their lives.”

Sunny Liu

Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Finance Committee

New Mexico Corps Member 2013

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Regional Office

Stagecoach Elementary School
1498 Freedom Dr
Gallup, NM 87301

Alumni Affairs

Missy Wauneka, Senior Managing Director, Program & Regional Operations

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Phone: (505) 863-2887
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