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Students & Communities

The School-Supply Gap

by Gail O’Connor

September 8, 2019

Students & Communities

Changing the Newark Narrative

by Theresa Mooney

March 22, 2018

National Council

Ron Beit, New Jersey

Founding Partner & CEO

RBH Management

Ron Beit is the founding partner and CEO of RBH Group, LLC and president of RBH Management, LLC, asset and property management companies.

The Collective Board

Julie Jackson


Uncommon Schools

New Jersey, '94

Julie Jackson is the president of Uncommon Schools, a network of 55 public charter schools serving 20,000 students across six regions located in Newark, Camden, New York City, Rochester, Troy, and Boston. Uncommon Schools operates outstanding urban public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare students from low-income communities to graduate from college.

Executive Leadership

Susan Asiyanbi

Chief Operating and Program Officer

Teach For America

New Jersey, '01

Susan Asiyanbi is responsible for providing a coherent, cohesive, and integrated leadership development experience for Teach For America’s admitted recruits, corps members, alumni, and staff.

The Collective Board

Juliana Worrell

Chief Schools Officer

Uncommon Schools

New Jersey, '04

Juliana Worrell is the chief schools officer, overseeing grades K-8 at Uncommon Schools. Under Juliana’s leadership, her schools have consistently outperformed end-of-year state exam averages, with nearly all outperforming their respective states’ highest performing subgroups.


Taylor Martin

Director of Content Development

Uncommon Schools

New Jersey, '11

As the director of content development at Uncommon Schools in New York, Taylor Martin’s creativity is perpetually on display.


Nat Natarajan

Investment Banking Associate


New Jersey, '09

Nat Natarajan first learned the value of building relationships as a middle school math teacher with the corps. Years later, he remains involved in education in his role as an investment banker working on a technology team whose focus is in edtech.


Fade Ojeikere

Instructional Coach for Grades K-4

East Harlem Scholars Academy

New Jersey, '14

After his time with Teach For America, Fade Ojeikere currently works with teachers to identify growth areas and help them to improve as effective educators.