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A Teach For America teacher holding hands with a student in the classroom.

Learn more about Teach For America's work in the Nashville-Chattanooga region.

We are growing a movement of education leaders.

Teach For America Nashville-Chattanooga, working alongside the community, has a deep and rapidly growing leadership force that is ready to take on these challenges. Teach For America corps members and alumni are among the most effective, racially diverse, and highly demanded teachers in Tennessee. We serve as a critical source of talented and committed leaders, who first serve as teachers to provide their students with the excellent educational opportunities they deserve.

Our alumni help lead change at the system-level.

Alongside their personal experience and through their experience in the classroom, our alumni gain the conviction, insight, and experience to effect systemic changes needed to expand Nashville and Chattanooga students’ educational opportunities.

We’ve seeded a movement. Now we have to fuel it.

Entire schools and school systems have proven it’s possible to dramatically alter student outcomes. In many of the schools that are beating the odds, Teach For America has a sizable presence among the teaching faculty and, increasingly, the school leadership itself.


Corps member & alumni teachers


Alumni school-based leaders


Alumni in the area


Alumni continuing to work in education or low-income communities

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Nashville Regional Office

220 Athens Way, Suite 300

Nashville, TN 37228

Nashville Phone: (615) 242-6263

Chattanooga Regional Office

123 E 7th St, Suite 302

Chattanooga, TN 37403

Alumni Affairs

Rachel Tompkins, Alumni Leadership

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