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Learn more about the process for becoming certified to teach in the Milwaukee region.

Becoming Certified to Teach

All previously uncertified corps members will enroll in the two-year teaching certification program through Alverno College for a reduced price. The state of Wisconsin permits uncertified teachers to teach in a classroom so long as they are earning credits towards certification through an educator preparation program. 

If you already have your teaching certification, you have the option of enrolling in a master's program through Alverno College based on your teaching area. You will need to work directly with the university admissions' office to determine your course load and track. 

Program Requirements

Corps Members will need to provide degree-conferred undergraduate transcripts and pass a Praxis II content test in order to be eligible to enroll in Alverno College’s certification program. 

Through completion of Alverno’s two-year program and state assessment processes, corps members will earn their Wisconsin state teacher’s license in the spring of the second corps year. 

Master's Degree Option

Corps members have the opportunity to earn their master’s degree in the spring semester of their second year through the completion of additional credits beyond their certification coursework. The master’s is optional; corps members are not required by the state to obtain a master’s.

TFA Training

Summer Training

The summer before you begin teaching, TFA hosts a 7-week training session in Milwaukee Here are some details about this year’s training. 

Corps members are responsible for covering the costs of their transportation to Milwaukee. Upon arriving in Milwaukee for their summer training, all room, board, and on the ground transportation will be provided by Teach For America Milwaukee.


We have a team coaches that will support you during the corps. We call them Managers of Teacher Leadership Development (MTLDs). 

A MTLD is a former teacher with a track record of success. They are strategically paired with first and second-year corps members and are responsible for supporting your professional development.

MTLDs work as mentors, coaches, and managers of corps members and their outcomes. They work one-on-one with corps members and through targeted professional development sessions to ensure that your are preparing and supporting students for success.

You can count on these outcomes-focused individuals to drive student results by working with you on the knowledge and skills that contribute to creating a culturally relevant, transformational classroom.