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A group of Metro Atlanta corps members sitting in a classroom.

Join our network of changemakers who are creating opportunities for kids in Metro Atlanta.

After 18 years in Metro Atlanta, we have a network of more than 1,500 corps members and alumni who are making an impact across the education ecosystem. Our entire network—from our alumni and corps members to our supporters and community partners—have shown what is possible when we believe deeply in every student, lead with bold vision, and work together to impact systems across Metro Atlanta.


Low-income third graders are reading proficiently by the end of third grade


Low-income eighth graders were proficient in math by the end of eighth grade


Ninth graders entering Georgia schools will enter their sophomore year of college within 24 months of enrolling


2010 graduates received a degree or credential by 2015

“I joined Teach For America because I want students to know that growing up in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities is not something to be ashamed of or a liability. Growing up in such communities—as in my case—can be the driving force for their personal, academic, and professional success.”

Yanely Bibiano Baltazar

Third Grade Teacher

Metro Atlanta Corps Member 2017

  • Dr. Duke Bradley, Principal, Banneker High School

    Dr. Duke Bradley, III, Principal, Banneker High School

    "Teach For America has been instrumental in strengthening the overall quality of all of our teachers. The breadth of TFA’s impact, however, is perhaps most noteworthy. Not only are corps members performing as well as non-TFA teachers, alumni are serving in support roles, too—as instructional coaches and in other vital administrative positions."

  • Hunter Pierson

    Hunter Pierson, VP, Goldman Sachs

    TFA Metro Atlanta Board Member
    2001 Bay Area Alumnus

    "You go in hoping to make a profound impact on students. And that is definitely true. But the flip side is, the life that is probably changed the most is yours. My students are always with me."

  • Kandis Wood Jackson

    Kandis Wood Jackson, Attorney, Alston & Bird LLP

    At-large Seat 7 Representative, Atlanta School Board
    2008 Metro Atlanta Alumna

    "I am proud and honored to have the opportunity to serve Atlanta's students, their parents and guardians, and the broader Atlanta Public Schools community. My goal is to provide excellent public education to every child in this city."

Our Regional Partners

We value our partnerships with local schools, districts, universities, businesses, and other organizations. Our partners play a critical role in creating opportunities for children in our communities.