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Students & Communities

Parents Navigating School Systems Have a New Work Perk

by Ting Yu

June 11, 2018

Education & Issues

Homeless and in College: How Luz Villar Did It

by Ting Yu

February 2, 2018

AAPI Community

Great Expectations

by Ting Yu

October 28, 2015


Louise Baigelman

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Story Shares

Massachusetts, '09

Louise Baigelman is the co-founder and executive director of Story Shares, a digital platform that generates and distributes new categories of literature to address the literacy needs of struggling readers everywhere.


Jonathan Cook

Project Leader

Boston Consulting Group

Massachusetts, '11

Dr. Jonathan Cook’s love for science led him to TFA, where he taught the subject as a corps member. While he mainly works in science-based fields for The Boston Consulting Group, he remains committed to the mission as an education consultant.

The Collective Board

Luis Gallegos

Assistant Principal

Alliance Ouchi High School

Massachusetts, '12

Luis Gallegos is a public school educator and has served in schools throughout New England and Los Angeles, CA. As a queer, Latinx school leader, he works from a social justice lens with the goal of empowering students to dismantle systems of oppression.