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Teach For America Los Angeles

We will work to unleash the potential of our community's and nation's greatest assets: Our students.

Potential is equally distributed across lines of race and class, but opportunity is not. The circumstances children are born into often predict their access to opportunities and the quality of their education.  This disproportionately impacts children of color who are 2x more likely to be born into poverty and make up nearly 85% of all children in LA County public schools.

Teach For America Los Angeles (TFA LA) finds, recruits, and develops outstanding and diverse leaders early in their careers. Their lifelong commitment to students begins as a teacher in a public school for at least two years where they partner with the children and families most acutely impacted by educational inequity. We refer to these teachers as corps members.

Over 3,800+ individuals have completed TFA LA's two-year corps program and are now considered alumni. TFA LA has one of the country's largest and most diverse alumni networks. Many alumni stay in the classroom as teachers, while others continue to expand opportunities for students as advocates and leaders, creating lasting change and championing equity within the systems and sectors affecting public education.

Our Approach: 

  1. Attract exceptional, equity-oriented leaders into education.
  2. Develop systems leadership in our teachers and their students.
  3. Catalyze alumni leadership, learning, and impact.
  4. Foster inquiry and share insights across communities about creating systems change.

A Force for Change


Corps Members


+ Alumni

The Importance of Educator Diversity

Educators from diverse backgrounds who reflect the identities of their students positively impact all students, especially children of color. TFA LA explicitly recruits homegrown leaders and is the largest source of educators who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. California's teacher credentialing process is one of the nation's most arduous, expensive, and inequitable. TFA's financial and individualized support helps aspiring educators enter the teaching profession and jumpstart their careers with minimal debt.

A Diverse Network of Leaders

Each of us brings unique strengths to this work based on our identities, cultures, and life experiences. Here’s a snapshot of our 2022 corps diversity.


First-generation college students


Identify as coming from a low-income background

According to a national survey, corps members in Los Angeles are 2x as likely to stay in Los Angeles as other corps members and are 2x as likely to stay in their placement school. Of LA corps members who completed their corps commitment in 2020, 79% have continued teaching beyond the two years.


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