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Teach For America Los Angeles

We will unleash the potential of our community's and nation's greatest assets: Our students.

We can only achieve true progress for students in Los Angeles through further growth and diversification of the teacher and leadership talent pipeline.

The oncoming wave of principal turnover presents an opportunity to install next-generation school leaders. Expansion of programs, schools, and systems will require at least 135 new leaders over the next eight years.

We also need a large and passionate force of politically active education leaders to shape public will, hold elected office, and lead large-scale systemic change.

Our Strategic Priorities: 

  1. Grow the talent pipeline focused on the fight for equity in Los Angeles
  2. Provide world class coaching and programming for corps members
  3. Increase school-based alumni leadership
  4. Develop public, civic, and system leadership

A Force for Change


Corps Members



A Diverse Network of Leaders

Each of us brings unique strengths to this work based on our identities and life experiences. Here’s a snapshot of our 2018 corps diversity.


Pell Grant Recipients


Corps Members Identify as People of Color

Connect With Us

Regional Office

606 S Olive St Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Alumni Affairs

Kathryn Anderson, Managing Director, Alumni Experience Design

Contact Info

Phone: (213)489-9272
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