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Teach For America Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to more than 10 million people. Its public education system is one of the region’s most critical services and is not only a place of academic advancement but of social and emotional growth and opportunity for millions of children.

Los Angeles has been the site of racial, social, and class conflicts which have directly and indirectly impacted our schools and students such as the Rodney King assault and Proposition 227 (the controversial state legislation that banned bilingual education). When educational policy is enacted in LA, the entire country watches.

No story about Teach For America would be complete without Los Angeles. Not only are we one of the first five Teach For America sites in the country, founded in 1990, but we lead the country in corps diversity and representation of the students we serve and support the third-largest alumni network in the country, with over 3,500 TFA alumni living in Los Angeles.


California teachers and principals expected to retire, as enrollment in state teacher preparation programs declines


Students we serve are eligible for federal free and reduced-price lunch programs

Our Regional Partners

Teach For America partners with a diverse network of schools, including three districts and more than 15 charter school networks, that serve the highest needs students across the Greater LA region.

Hear From Those in Our Community

As the world transforms, our students require a new set of tools and experiences to thrive. Teach For America Los Angeles is working to build an understanding of the conditions needed for sustained progress and to grow our capacity to pursue change collectively with students, families, corps members, alumni, and partners. As such, we spend time learning alongside these groups affected by educational inequity in LA. You can learn more about the talented, innovative, passionate people who make up our community and our regional work in the Stories and Voices section.