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Learn more about average salaries, cost of living, and expenses in the Los Angeles region


In Los Angeles, corps members are independently hired and employed by local schools, districts, or charter management organizations. Salaries for new teachers start at $44,000. Corps members are responsible for meeting all certification requirements in order to legally teach.

Approximated Projected Income:

  • Monthly Pre-Tax Salary: $3,670
  • Taxes: $400
  • Health Insurance: $200
  • Monthly Take Home Pay: $3,070


Benefits vary according to the hiring partner. Standard benefits include: medical, dental, and vision care; life insurance; retirement benefits; family-planning serviced; and more. 

Moving Costs 

Moving costs vary according to living arrangements and relocation circumstances. Some common relocation costs include: 

  • Airfare (for out-of-state corps members): ~$300
  • Housing Costs: ~$1900 (Includes First & Last Months Rent) 
  • Transportation Costs: $50 

Rent & Utilities

Rent depends on your personal circumstances. Here are general estimates of these costs: 

  • Single Living Arrangement: $1200-$1400
  • Shared Living Arrangement: $900-$1200

Living Expenses 

Varies depending on living arrangements. Here's a general breakdown: 

  • Utilities: $140 
  • Health Insurance: $200
  • Gas/Insurance: $150

Housing Assistance 

You will determine the best living arrangement based on your individual needs and preferences. While many corps members do choose to live together, some already live in the area, some relocate with significant others or families, and some choose to live alone.


Although there is public transportation in Los Angeles, it is not extensive enough to meet all the needs of a new resident and teachers here. It is essential that you have a car. Many corps members buy cars during the summer.