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All corps members will receive their initial five-year teaching certificate at the end of their two years with Teach For America Idaho. Corps members have the option of pursuing a master’s degree, but it is not mandatory. To fulfill certification requirements, corps members must take 12 graduate-level credits or equivalent during their two years.

Becoming Certified to Teach

All corps members must pass the Praxis II testing exams required for their content area in order to receive their interim certificate.

During their first year, corps members take two courses (six credits) designed specifically for Teach For America Idaho teachers at Boise State University.

During their second year, corps members take six graduate-level credits or equivalent to fulfill certification requirements. Additionally, they must complete state-required documentation of teaching competency.

In the spring of their second year, all documentation is submitted and corps members receive their initial (permanent) certificate.

Graduate School

Corps members have the option of pursuing a master’s degree through Boise State University for in-state tuition. A master’s is not required.

Teach For America Training

What to Expect

The summer before you begin teaching, Teach For America Idaho hosts a one-week training session in Idaho. As well, all corp members attend summer institute, a hands-on training program.

Here are some details about this year’s weeklong training: 

  • The training session is typically the last week in May.
  • During this training, we will strengthen our commitment to teaching in Idaho through exploring our program’s three pillars: Committed, Connected, and Inspired.

Estimated Costs


  • Praxis Exams: $150-375 (depending on subject area)
  • Praxis study resources: $0-75
  • Transcripts (3 copies): $0-75
  • Book Travel to Region and Institute: approximately $750
  • Estimated Total: $1,275

Month Before Institute: 

  • Idaho Department of Education Fingerprinting: $50
  • Interim Certificate: $100
  • Estimated Total: $150

During Institute: 

  • Housing Costs: $1,500-2,500 (first and last month’s rent and security deposit)
  • Supplemental Food: $300
  • Estimated Total: $2,800

Post Institute: 

  • Furniture: $500
  • Setting up your classroom: $200
  • Estimated Total: $1,300

*Corps members will not receive their first paycheck until September 30th. Budgeting for living expenses through September is essential.


Here are the coaches for this region that will support you during the corps. We call them Managers of Teacher Leadership Development (MTLDs).

  • Tracy Sedano
  • Daly Hull 

Here are some practical examples of how MTLDs support corps members:

  • Observing your classroom approximately twice a month and providing feedback on routines and procedures, behavior management, and content delivery
  • Lesson planning and behavior management support
  • Goal setting to push your towards excellence
  • Additional support if you have a special education placement on case management, reading and understanding an IEP, scheduling, and strategies