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Learn more about average salaries, cost of living, and expenses in the Greater Tulsa region.


Salaries are approximately $37,000 for new teachers in Greater Tulsa. Corps members are independently hired by local schools or districts. They are responsible for obtaining certification and employment, and are not paid by Teach For America. 

The average first paycheck date in Greater Tulsa will be September 2022.


Average benefits of schools in this region:

  • Health benefits
  • Medical, dental, and vision care
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Employee assistance and wellness programs
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement benefits

First Day of School Bonus

Thanks to the generosity of our partner, the George Kaiser Family Foundation, each 2023 Greater Tulsa Corps member will receive a $1,500 First Day of School bonus.

Moving Costs

Moving costs are approximately $500

Rent & Utilities:

Rent: Approximately $1,100 deposit housing and $600 per month
Rent x 2 = $1,200
Utilities: Approximately $100 per month 
Utilities x 2= $200
Internet: Approximately $50 per month
Internet x 2=$100

Living Expenses

Approximately $1080 until first paycheck (groceries, gas, etc.)
Transportation: Approximately $350
Health Insurance: Approximately $200

Please Note: These approximate costs do not take into account furniture, cell phone, or any other expenses a corps member may incur.

Housing Assistance

Teach For America Greater Tulsa is proud to partner with the George Kaiser Family Foundation to provide affordable housing options for corps members. More information about our housing partnerships will be shared in the spring.


The majority of corps members find that a car is required to get around.