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Learn more about Teach For America's work in the Eastern North Carolina region.

As we continue to work for educational equity in Eastern North Carolina (ENC), our vision that all children in the region will attain an education that helps them seize their right to a higher education and prepares them for a life of real choices is at the forefront of every choice we make as an organization. This is a critical pathway to a more just and equitable ENC. In order to make this vision a reality, we have outlined the following goals:

  • Enlist, develop, and mobilize as many as possible of our nation’s most promising future leaders to grow and strengthen the movement for educational equity and excellence. For 29 years, we have been driven by this mission, and we plan to continue this as long as there is a need for new teachers and leaders advocating for educational equity in Eastern North Carolina.
  • In our lifetime, we reach the day when at least 95 percent of children growing up in Eastern North Carolina graduate from high school prepared for success in college and career, providing them the agency to choose their future.
  • By 2026, 50 percent of our ENC corps members will be former students from our communities. We want our movement to be driven by the students who are currently being taught by our corps members. If our corps of teachers is made up of students from Eastern North Carolina, this will demonstrate that our corps members are building their students into the empowered leaders that the region deserves. These leaders from Eastern North Carolina will be driven to improve the outcomes of the students in their own communities, while still harnessing the impact of corps members who join us from other parts of the country.

2020 Priorities

In order to be on a path to achieve our mission in Eastern North Carolina by the year 2020, there are three critical priorities we have been orienting around since we set our five-year vision in 2015:

1. Build the alumni, corps, and staff culture that drives collective impact and builds a deep sense of possibility for One Day in ENC. 

We are more than a collection of individuals and the values and shared vision that unites and drives us is more important than anything else. This is now clearer than ever as we have oriented our staff and our current group of corps members around our vision for the future in Eastern North Carolina. Through our plans mentioned above to improve programming for alumni living and working in Eastern North Carolina, we believe that our alumni will also be driven by the mission of Teach For America in the work that they do throughout different sectors.

2. Ensure every classroom is an excellent and equitable classroom. 

Our standard for an excellent classroom means that there is an expectation of ambitious growth for every student. This sets students in our corps members’ classrooms on the path to empowered leadership. Our standard for an equitable classroom means our teachers are developing curriculum and leading a classroom that is culturally responsive, encouraging student leaders to explore the systemic inequities that exist in their communities. If our classrooms are both excellent and equitable, our corps members will activate and grow their students’ abilities to be change agents in addressing those inequities.

3. Fuel intensely local movements for educational equity and excellence in each of our placement communities. 

These thriving and powerful movements include diverse students, corps members, alumni, and partners collectively striving towards clear outcomes and focusing their leadership on addressing the structural barriers impeding educational equity. As we expand our local leadership programming to all of our placement communities, we will work directly towards this goal.


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