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Learn more about average salaries, cost of living, and expenses in the Eastern North Carolina region.


Salaries range for new teachers in Eastern North Carolina, but the average corps member makes about $35,000. Corp members are paid by their school district and not by Teach For America.

  • Monthly Pre-Tax Salary: $2750
  • Taxes: $578
  • Health Insurance: $40
  • Monthly Take Home Pay: $2,132.00


  • Health benefits
  • Medical, dental, and vision care
  • Family-planning services
  • Vaccinations (e.g. flu shots)
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement benefits

Moving Costs

  • Up Front Test Costs: $350
  • Up Front Certification Costs: $170
  • First Month's Rent & Deposit: $500 (shared)
  • Professional Attire: $215
  • School Supplies: $250
  • Subtotal: $1,485

Rent & Utilities

  • Rent: $500 (shared)
  • Phone, Internet, Utilities: $200
  • Subtotal: $700

Living Expenses

As well as rent, transportation costs, utilities, and other monthly budget items, corps members are also responsible for ongoing certification, which amounts to $900 (total). 

Housing Assistance 

Since our region is large, we recommend that corps members wait until they know their school placement before they begin looking for housing. Many second-year corps members and alumni know of housing available and can share information with incoming corps members. 


A car is required to get around in Eastern North Carolina.