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Certification can be obtained in one year through our partner university. There are two options for certification: 1.) One-year licensure coursework through East Carolina University and 2.) Teach for three years in placement district and earn NC license.

Becoming Certified to Teach

Corps members must pass subject-specific exams before entering the classroom. Teach For America teachers in North Carolina who teach for three years and are in good standing with Teach For America receive their permanent license. For corps members who are unsure if they will teach for three years, permanent licensure can be obtained by completing an online program with our university partner, East Carolina University (ECU), for approximately $832.

Graduate School 

At this time, it is not possible to complete a master’s degree at the end of the two years. East Carolina University offers master’s degree options for corps members, but they begin the summer after your second year of teaching.

TFA Training

Eastern North Carolina hosts its own summer training program called E.N.C Residency. The summer residency program prepares you to take on the challenges of the classroom by providing a combination of training and hands-on experience working in Eastern North Carolina schools. You'll work directly with students, incorporating culturally responsive teaching methods while teaching summer school.

Corps members arrive in June for a week of induction in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, followed by the first week of residency at the same location. From there, corps members will teach at a school in either Edgecombe or Nash County, depending on their assigned subject area and grade level placement. 

Corps members will be given food and gas stipends throughout the summer and housing will be provided until the end of summer programming.