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Teach For America Math Teacher - D.C. Region

Join a community of passionate leaders who are creating opportunities for kids in the D.C. Region.

In addition to being the seat of our federal government, Washington, D.C. has also long been a center for Black American culture, arts, and community organizing. Northern Virginia has a growing Latinx population and is expanding with new corporate offices and tech companies. In a city that boasts the highest proportion of residents with graduate degrees and in suburbs that have long been among the most affluent in the country, systemic poverty and racism have shaped—and continue to affect—the communities we serve.

Outside the school building, you will meet people from every walk of life: college students, Capitol Hill staffers, artists, musicians, families, and young professionals, all contributing to our region’s unique atmosphere. In recent years, the District has also become a center for communities with roots in East Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, who join historic Latinx, LGBTQ, and immigrant populations.

When you join us, you’ll see neighborhoods that reflect this diversity, markets and coffee shops of Capitol Hill, the Latinx influence of Columbia Heights, pop-up eateries of Union Market, the vibrant LGBTQ neighborhoods of U Street and Dupont Circle, and the lush, diverse suburbs of Alexandria, Virginia. There are various family-friendly options across D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Washington, D.C., is one of the most walkable cities in the country, and the Metrorail, Metro Bus, BikeShare, and local car-sharing systems make travel accessible and environmentally friendly. D.C. also consistently ranks among the top cities in the nation for having the most outdoor parks per resident—from hiking in Rock Creek Park to fishing in the Potomac River, there are ample ways to explore outside.


Students identify as people of color


Students are economically disadvantaged


Students receive specialized education services


Students receive English language learner services

Our Regional Partners

In the D.C. Region, we know that to achieve educational equity for all our children, we need to partner and collaborate with our communities. Below are some of the organizations we partner with.