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Learn more about average salaries, cost of living, and expenses in the D.C. Region.

Teacher Salaries

The average salary for a first-year teacher in the D.C. Region is around $50,000. Corps members are independently hired by local districts or schools and are not employers of TFA.  For more specifics about different districts, see the information below.

Estimated Onboarding Costs in the DC Region



Housing and Transition


$150 for Praxis CORE

TB Test and Physical $0-$100

Moving Costs $500-$1000

Official Transcripts $0-$150

$45-50 for official SAT, ACT or GRE if applicable

Fingerprints $50

Furniture $500

Initial Teaching Licensure Fee $50-$150

$130-$200 for Praxis II Subject Exam

Official Transcripts $0-$150

Setting Up Classroom $150

Certification Partner Tuition: $7,000-$14,000**


Depends on the financial award provided by AmeriCorps (if eligible)

*Note if you need to retake any parts of the exam, you will have to pay for the test again

CPR Class (VA CMs only): $110

Housing Costs: 2,600-3,200

(First months rent and security deposit)


$150-500 in additional Praxis tests/state requirements that are completed during your two-year commitment



**Note, these are all estimates and could change or be dependent upon each individual person, where they are moving from when they move, where they choose to live, and placement jurisdiction. Other costs such as a car or paying for your transportation (including gas and insurance) as well as groceries, phone bill, dinners out, etc. should be considered.