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Certification is the process by which you achieve a temporary teaching credential and work toward full permanent licensure. Learn more about becoming certified to teach in the D.C. Region.

Becoming Certified to Teach

Earning your teaching certification typically requires a combination of passing content and pedagogy exams, successfully completing graduate-level education coursework and meeting Teach For America/school-based professional and performance-based outcomes. Being enrolled in and on track for successful completion of our certification program is required for all Teach For America D.C. Region corps members.

Requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Completing certification coursework through Johns Hopkins University School of Education
  • Ongoing professional development with your school, district, and Teach For America
  • Additional Praxis exams before the end of your two-year commitment


Certification requirements differ between sectors and subject areas, but all corps members are required to take and pass the Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Praxis CORE exam and an additional content-specific Praxis II exam.

Master's Degree Option

All corps members are required to apply and complete teacher certification coursework through Johns Hopkins University (JHU). The master’s degree program is optional.

TFA Training

Regional Induction

Teach For America D.C. Region attracts some of the brightest TFA educators from across the country, some of whom are native to the D.C. region, and many of whom are new. Presented over a four-day period in June at Gallaudet University, induction is an essential opportunity for incoming corps members to learn about our region, the corps experience, and the communities they will serve.

Summer Institute

Following induction, first-year Teach For America corp members attend summer institute, a five-week hands-on training program. This takes place in Philadelphia from late June to late July. You'll be responsible for arranging your transportation to and from summer institute, but Teach For America will cover your housing and food costs during institute.

Managers of Teacher Leaders and Development

Meet the coaches for this region, who will support you during the corps. We call them Managers of Teacher Leadership Development (MTLDs).

  • Austin Williams
  • Adeola Panox
  • Amy Leslie
  • Chauncey Brown

Our MTLDs provide guidance and coaching throughout the corps experience. Throughout the school year, MTLDs visit classrooms and provide actionable feedback to improve teaching and classroom management practices.

Quarterly Sessions

Quarterly professional development sessions are provided to first- and second-year corps members at Gallaudet University throughout the school year. These sessions provide meaningful opportunities for everyone to celebrate successes, address challenges, and engage with each other to grow and learn from one another. Content is specifically chosen to enhance impact in the classroom based on current corps member feedback.