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Learn more about average salaries, cost of living, and expenses in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.


Salaries range from $50,000-$53,000 for teachers in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Corps members are independently hired by local schools or districts. They are responsible for obtaining certification and employment and are not paid by TFA.


All of our partner schools offer comprehensive benefits packages, with multiple medical plans to choose from, retirement plans available, and flexible spending and health savings accounts. The cost for benefits varies based on individual needs and enrollment. 

Moving Costs

Average deposit may be up to the cost of your first month's rent, which may range from $800-$1200. This does not usually include utilities. 

Moving costs entirely depend on the individual; however, we advise you to prepare for costs related to transportation and storage. 

Rent & Utilities

On average:

  • $800-$1000 single
  • $1600-2000 shared (this cost would be shared between at least two people)

Living Expenses

Living expenses in Dallas-Fort Worth vary based on your neighborhood, the length of your commute, and other factors. Use the numbers below as a general guideline.

  • Food: $100/week for groceries; $15/meal dining out 
  • Transportation: $300-$600 for car payment and insurance 
  • Utilities (cable, WiFi, water, electricity): $120

Housing Assistance 

Smart City Apartment Locating is a preferred partner of Teach For America Dallas-Fort Worth to help those in our network find regional housing. 


Access to a car is required.