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The Promise Campaign The Promise Campaign

Teach For America Colorado's Promise Campaign

The Promise Campaign is a community effort to raise $2 million dollars for Teach For America Colorado at a time when it's never mattered more. We have made a promise to bringing excellent, equity-minded teachers into our state's highest need schools, even in the face unprecedented financial difficulties. Alongside our community, we're investing in the promise of public education, the promise of our children, the promise of Colorado.

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Students today are living through the single most disruptive experience in our school system in over 100 years.

Our nation is experiencing two sudden and simultaneous shifts: a sweeping social movement for racial equity and a global pandemic that has upended public education.

Teach For America Was Built for This Moment

DENVER est. 2007 | COLORADO SPRINGS est. 2009 | PUEBLO | est. 2014

Teach For America (TFA) Colorado uniquely recruits educators who are both deeply committed to equity and relentlessly innovative in their pursuit of excellent education for every child. TFA Colorado teachers serve in low-income public charter and district schools across Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, elevating more than 36,000 students a day to their highest potential.


of TFA teachers identifies as a person of color, compared with 13% of educators statewide


of TFA leaders continue to work in education or service to low-income communities after their commitment

Meet Tori | Teach For America Colorado educator highlights

Our School Partners Are Turning to TFA for Help

We have made a promise to continue bringing excellent teachers to schools across Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo as they work to meet crisis-level talent needs in hard-to-fill teaching roles.


new TFA teachers will enter Colorado classrooms this year, teaching low-income students


of them will serve in hard-to-fill roles (Special Ed, Early Childhood, and STEM)

In an average year, it’s typical to have 20 percent teacher turnover. But 2020 is no average school year. The estimated turnover due to COVID-19 is 12 percent, which means that in the 2020-2021 school year, there will be as much as 32 percent teacher turnover.

An Unprecedented Challenge

In spring of 2020, our largest public grant was eliminated during the COVID-19 emergency legislative budget session. Following a groundswell of support, Governor Polis responded by restoring 50 percent of this lost revenue through the discretionary CARES Act fund—in exchange for TFA’s promise to continue bringing teachers into the schools where they’re needed most.


Delivering on Our Promise

Over the next two years, we’re asking our community to help us raise $2 million to keep our promise to our kids, our schools, and our state. When you make a two-year commitment to the Promise Campaign, you link arms with a broad and diverse coalition of partners to help TFA deliver on our promise to bring teachers to low-income schools across Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

Your support empowers equitable, high-quality education for 2,500 kids each day.

“It’s just going to get harder, but we’re just going to get stronger. And our kids deserve it.”

Sloan Wightman

TFA elementary school teacher

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Empower equitable, high quality education for 36,000 Colorado children each day.

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