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Teach For America Colorado Interim Executive Director Julie Stone

Julie Stone

Interim Executive Director

Teach For America Colorado

Julie has been part of the TFA Colorado team for four years. While currently serving as the interim ED, she formally headed of the External Affairs team.

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Meet Our Staff

VP, Program Continuum

Jennifer Andrews

Jen leads the Program Continuum Team for Colorado, where she supports the teams in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Denver, in areas from recruitment to school and systems leadership.

Chief of Staff

Melissa Browne

Melissa is the Chief of Staff for the Colorado region, where she leads regional operations, talent management, strategy and finance.

Managing Director, Teacher Leadership

Mark Muenchau

Mark leads the Teacher Leadership team for Denver, where he provides support to his team and corps members for their leadership development.

Managing Director, Talent Strategy

Emily Marquez

Emily sits on the Teach For America Program Continuum Team, where she leads regional recruitment and early engagement efforts as well as the Launch Fellowship, an alternative pathway into teaching for individuals committed to educational equity.

Managing Director, Continuum Strategy

Stephanie Hoy

Stephanie works across the program continuum team to ensure that our services and supports are seamless to corps members, fellows, and broader member groups, while her team oversees matriculation, onboarding, hiring, and member engagement.

Managing Director, Early Childhood Systems Leadership

Sondra Ranum

Sondra is responsible for designing our model for systems-level impact and sector coordination, and enlisting a broad coalition of supporters to mobilize behind key systemic levers; works closely with the Director, Early Childhood Initiative.

Managing Director, Strategic Partnership and Operations

Cheryl Precious

Cheryl sits on the External Affairs team, where she manages foundation and institutional funder relationships and oversees regional policy engagement.

Managing Director, Corporate Partnerships and Communications

Emily Williams

Emily sits on the Teach For America Colorado External Affairs team, where she manages corporate partnerships, Champions Circle (a leadership development series for executives), as well as marketing and communications for the region.

Director, Coalition-Building

Walker Donaldson

Walker is the director of coalition-building. In his role he is responsible for recruiting ideologically diverse corps members.

Senior Manager, External Affairs

Katie Parvin

Katie is on the External Affairs team where she manages operations and systems and donor events. She also sits on a variety of committees that support the entire Colorado region.

Senior Director, Continuum Support and Experience

Natalie Koehler

Natalie sits on the Continuum Support and Experience team, where she manages the matriculation, onboarding, licensing, and hiring of incoming Colorado corps members and launch fellows.

Manager, Early Childhood Initiative

Briana McLean

Briana is the manager of the Early Childhood Initiative, where she develops and leads the support of our Early Childhood Education teachers.

Manager, Continuum Support and Experience

Hanna Curhan

Hanna sits on the Teach For America Colorado program team, where she supports our Launch Fellows through onboarding and hiring. She also leads Induction planning for corps members and Launch Fellows.  

Manager, Regional Operations and Administration

Kelly Campbell

Kelly sits on the Regional Operations team, where she manages daily operations, budgeting, and vendors, any questions about the Denver office space, as well as our regional AmeriCorps partnership. 

Manager, Grants and Strategic Evaluation

Samantha McGinnis

Samantha sits on both the External Affairs and the Continuum Support and Development teams where she writes, administers, and reports on grants, and uses internal data to evaluate Teach For America-Colorado’s work to inform program success.

Meet Our Colorado Springs Leadership

Director, Teacher Leadership Community in Colorado Springs

Kylia West

Kylia directs both the teacher and alumni networks in Colorado Springs, working to build a connected and mobilized community committed to equity for all kids.

Meet Our Pueblo Leadership

Managing Director, Pueblo

Velia Rincon, Ed.D.

Dr. Rincon works alongside and with her community in TFA-Colorado’s newest sub-region, where she manages all things Pueblo from the corps members in the classroom to our school, district, and community partnerships.