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A Teach For America teacher riding on a bus with his students.

Teach For America is working in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo to advance educational opportunities. 

In 2007, Teach For America placed its first 55-member corps in Denver to urgently address the needs of a faltering urban district. As our corps grew, so did our reach and Teach For America’s relationships in the Colorado community. In 2009, we expanded our placement to Colorado Springs and in 2013 to Pueblo. Today, Teach For America members reach 36,000 students a day across Colorado. 

While Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo are remarkably different and diverse communities, we are one Teach For America Colorado, working together to advance educational opportunities for all kids. Alongside our vast network of educators, students, and community leaders, we’re aiming not only to triple our corps in size, but to begin redesigning the education system itself. Here’s how we’ll do it:

  1. Building a best-in-class talent pipeline, expanding local recruitment of diverse leaders to ensure that the students we teach today become the education leaders of tomorrow;
  2. Leveraging our unparalleled network to accelerate innovation across the public education system, creating open-source, shared learning structures to reshape education for a 21st-century citizenry and workforce; and
  3. Broadening the coalition of leaders brought together by shared values and common purpose, to pursue excellent education for every student.

A Corps Member Story: Community, Leadership, Connection

Teach For America is growing a movement of leaders working to ensure that all children get an excellent education. Hassan Casanova, TFA-CO '16 Corps Member, shares what is possible when a teacher truly believes in an excellent education for every single one of his students.

Our Work in Denver

Since the inaugural corps in 2007, Denver has become the fastest improving large urban district in the country. Ten percent of teachers and twenty percent of school leaders in Denver Public Schools are Teach For America members. Even more go on to inform critical education systems. Seventy-five percent of high poverty, high-performing schools have a prominent Teach For America presence.

Our Work in Colorado Springs

Home to Colorado’s second largest corps and alumni network, Colorado Springs residents have a special pride for their community. In just five years, Teach For America’s teacher and school leader presence has increased from 25 to over 130 and the on-time graduation rate in the community’s poorest school district, Harrison District 2, has increased from 65 percent to 80 percent.

Our Work in Pueblo

Teach For America is working to spearhead a shared vision for equity in Pueblo, our youngest placement community, and is increasingly seen as the connector among organizations driving social change and lifting vulnerable communities. The strength of community in Pueblo is not just limited to our partners; the sense of small town connection pulls our Pueblo Teach For America members together in a powerful way.


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Teach For America Colorado
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*While we still have a presence in all three communities (Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo), we no longer have a physical location in Denver.

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