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Two teachers working together with students in the classroom.

Teach For America Colorado now offers an additional pathway into the classroom through a two-year teacher training fellowship.

The collective impact of Teach For America corps and alumni members in Colorado is transforming educational opportunities for kids at the classroom, school, and system level. Over the last 30 years, our national two-year corps program has launched 60,000 members into leadership at every level of education and many other sectors. 

In response to the talent needs of our long-time school partners, Teach For America Colorado now offers an additional two-year program. The program begins with a year of intensive classroom leadership training combined with exposure to what it takes to create long-term, systems-level change in the Colorado education landscape. In year two, Fellows become lead teachers in classrooms and co-lead systems-level programming for the Fellowship.

Launch A Career Of Impact 

Teach For America Colorado’s Launch Fellowship is a highly selective, two-year leadership development program with three key components:

Teach For America Colorado Cohort Conversations

  • Monthly cohort meetings designed to explore systems-level issues impacting students
  • Leadership Forums with influential community leaders to discuss systems-level change management (e.g. dinner with the governor, tour with a state senator, conversation with a leading mental health expert, a seminar on school funding, etc.) 
  • Individualized support and mentoring from the TFA community 

Graduate School 

  • Initial Colorado teaching license 
  • Pathway to a master’s degree 
  • Focus on instructional practice through regular coursework 

School-Based Experience 

  • Real-time application of teaching skills 
  • Daily partnership with Resident Advisor 
  • Frequent school-based coaching for instructional practice 
  • Ongoing professional development

Beyond the Fellowship

All Launch Fellows will join a community of over 60,000 alumni and corps members working towards educational equity across sectors and will continue to receive support from the TFA network in Colorado. At the end of the two year Fellowship, Fellows will have a Masters of Arts from Relay Graduate School of Education or ASPIRE to Teach and the University of Colorado - Denver. In addition to a graduate degree and lead teaching experience at a school in Denver, Fellows will have exposure to TFA's network and in-depth conversations about systemic issues that impact public education across the United States.

Compensation and Program Cost

As a Launch Fellow, you will be employed by a school and receive the same salary ($24,000 - $35,000), vacation, and health benefits as other teacher residents in the district. You will also be enrolled as a student in one of our university partner’s two-year residency program.

Total cost for two-year graduate program is approximately $9500 paid over two years.

Who We Look For

For our Launch Fellowship, we seek passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds who: 

  • Value the chance to spend a year in training alongside seasoned mentors in one of the following subject placements: 
    • Early childhood education (ECE)
    • Elementary
    • Secondary math
    • Secondary science 
  • Seek to commit time and energy to a cohort experience, contributing to a strong culture among Fellows 
  • Desire to build relationships in the Denver community to learn about multiple facets of the landscape that directly affect the education ecosystem (e.g., healthcare, housing, criminal justice, etc.) 
  • Are U.S. citizens, nationals, legal permanent residents, or DACA recipients 
  • Have a 2.75 GPA or higher 
  • Have earned their bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university by July 2022

Applicants who are interested in joining the corps can apply during one of five application windows. Here’s what you need to know:

Colorado launch fellowship dls

Apply for the Fellowship

Apply Today

Interested in learning more about the fellowship? 

Email A Teach For America Colorado staff member will then be in touch to discuss your interest, eligibility, and how to formally apply for our 2020 Launch Fellowship cohort.