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There are many ways you can support Teach For America - California Capital Valley in our work to mobilize amazing leaders to move the boundaries on what is possible in education across our region.



What Your Support Makes Possible

A gift to the California Capital Valley region enables us to:

Grow Diverse Talent & Systems Leadership

Inspire Fierce Advocates for Educational Equity

Prepare Students to Learn, Lead, and Thrive




Corps members who identify as a person of color

Our network of corps members and alumni who believe deeply in the potential of all students.

TFA-led classrooms where students made a year or more of academic progress.

We recruit amazing leaders to teach in our five communities, many of whom share the backgrounds of their students.

We activate and support our network to redefine, reimagine and redesign what is possible in the education sector.

We develop exceptional educators who are committed and prepared to provide an excellent education to their students.

Our Supporters

We deeply appreciate each and every one of our supporters who believe in us and have chosen to invest in us.

Our Supporters

Alix Rives

Anna Straus

Anthony Boodrookas

Arata Brothers Trust

Ashley Collins

Bradley Whistance

Breanna Cahill

Brigette Enciso

Brittany Edwards

Brock Litke

Brooklynn Pham

Cassandra Adams

Cheryl West

CJ Ortuno

Daniel Hansen

Deanna Froeber

Dee Hartzog

Diana Walters

Dom Parks

Elizabeth Pohl

Ellen Gilberti

Erika Sanders

Gabriela Cuevas

Genesis Escutia

Golden 1 Credit Union

Harry Truong

Hoang Pham

Jacob McGrew

Jacqueline Young

James Spradley

Jason Roth

Jeanne Cain

Jordan Schreck

Kaitlin Hernandez

Karryn Kawashima

Kathy McKim

Keegen Gillette

Kelly Broughan

Kelsey Sherman

Kim Tucker

Kimanh Truong

Kimberly Scheffer

Kimberly Zwick

Kortney Sanchez

Lam Phan

Lilla Vellrath

Marc Metcalf

Mariko Kawashima

Meagan Spott

Meghan Simpson

Merrill Nosler

Michael Goldberg

Monica Pingol

Omar Ornelas

Pamela Walters

Pedro Alejandro Gutierrez-Duncan

Phyllis Chamberlain

Randal Graham

Rex Hime

Richard Brickman

Roger Blum

Roxanne Diaz

Ryan Almazan

Scott Richards

Sharon Richards

Shelby Schmitt

Takako Long

Talia Kaufman

Tamra Doty

Teichert Foundation

Terri Edwards

The James & Rebecca Morgan Family Foundation

Thomas Munoz

Thuyen Tran

United Way California Capital Region

Ursa Scherer

Yesenia Avila

Connect With Us

If you want to learn more about us and discuss ways we can partner, contact:

Diana Walters

Senior Managing Director, External Affairs

Scott Richards

Executive Director