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Teach for America Bay Area

Join a community of passionate educators and advocates who are creating opportunities for kids across the Bay Area.

A stark reality exists for too many students in low-income communities here in the Bay. Only nine students in 100 will graduate from college. Pivoting away from a world of luck to a world where every student has access to opportunity is the challenge Teach For America corps members, alumni, and partners are taking on across the Bay Area.

And there is reason to believe this is possible.

The last decade has seen a surge in the number of schools closing the achievement and opportunity gap for students locally and across the country. We have 50 schools locally who are defying the odds for Latinx and Black students from low-income backgrounds.

We now have an entire generation of practitioners who have experienced what it looks like—year after year—to graduate 100 percent of their students, and to have more and more of their students graduate from four year colleges. All of these insights and perspectives are informing our lessons about what it will take to accelerate progress. These insights help make it easier:

  • to amplify the voices of parents who are demanding great schools for their kids
  • to inform policy that’s more responsive to the needs of our students and families
  • to allow the next generation of school leaders to make an impact

We are proud to be part of this growing coalition of leaders collectively refusing to accept the status quo and holding higher expectations for our community schools and systems. 

Learn more about teaching in the Bay Area, including where Teach For America places corps members within the state, salary information, and details on certification and training.


Top Schools serving Black and Latinx students from low in-come backgrounds (out of 1,275 total schools in the Bay Area)


Low-income Latinx students meet math standards

“When we have outcomes that are as low as we have for low-income kids, I think that’s educational malpractice. And I feel a deep commitment to change that.”

Larissa Adam

Chief Talent Officer, Education for Change Public Schools in Oakland

Bay Area Corps Member 1993

Neighborhood Highlights

Our Regional Partners

We value our partnerships with local schools, districts, universities, businesses, and other organizations. Our partners play a critical role in creating opportunities for children in our communities.