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One of our favorite things about the Bay Area is the cultural wealth that the many residents bring to the land. This rich diversity translates into incredible experiences through art, food, dance, festivals, and more!

Ngyuen Huynh (Bay Area Corps '17) describes the region, saying, “You can find me all the way south enjoying the delicious Vietnamese food of San Jose, the nightlife in Oakland, the hip and vibrant scene of Berkeley, or the beautiful sites and parks of San Francisco.”

Below are some other considerations to help you decide if the Bay Area region is a good fit for you.

Eligibility Requirements

  • GPA: 2.5+
  • Citizenship status: U.S. citizen, national/permanent resident status, or recipient of DACA
  • We will guide those with prior teaching certificates through the process to potentially obtain a Preliminary Credential


The Bay Area can place applicants with DACA status in partner Bay Area schools.

LGBTQ Legal Protections

Learn more about LGBTQ employment protections in California.