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There are many ways to get connected with the alumni community in New Mexico and to support our vision that New Mexico will have pathways and conditions to attract and support a more diverse, equity-oriented, resilient and empowered teacher workforce than ever before.


  • The best way to keep informed about regional gatherings and opportunities is to sign up for our Newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.
  • If you are a recent alum seeking career, networking or leadership support, let us know here.
  • If you are an early career teacher wanting to grow in your values-based and equity-centered leadership, apply to the New Mexico Teacher Leader Fellowship.
  • Considering a move to New Mexico and want to learn more about our state and alumni community?  Set up a 1:1. If you want to find out about teaching in New Mexico, start here.
  • Our Alumni Board is rebuilding after COVID. Reach out if you want to be involved with that work.


(505) 863-2887


Teach for America New Mexico
4300 Ridgecrest Dr SE PMB 1232
Suite L
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

School Leaders and Hiring Personnel 

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