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What You Can Expect: TFA’s Application And Placement Process

Learn more about how to apply and submit your regional preferences.

By Sean Waldheim

August 3, 2019

Learn more about the corps member application process

I am thrilled you are exploring the impact you can make through joining Teach For America.

Ensuring that all children have the opportunity for an excellent education will determine whether we as a country thrive for generations to come. Students, families, and schools across our many regional sites and beyond will benefit from your talent, partnership, and lifelong advocacy as you work with some of the most diverse leaders of your generation to expand educational opportunity for all.

Your work in the classroom will not only impact your students, but will also further develop your leadership and set you up for a lifetime of impact. This high stakes work with students, as well as our distinctive approach to leadership development, demand a highly selective admission model and process. We look for applicants who have demonstrated a unique mix of leadership experience, achievement, and commitment to social impact.

Read on to learn more about our admissions process and visit How to Join to learn about the entirety of our process.


Our application is designed to take less than two hours to complete and includes a simple resume drop as well as a single short-answer essay.


Our admissions process has been designed to keep promising candidates moving immediately from application to interview. In preparation for your interview, you’ll complete a few required actions, designed to ensure we have the full picture of your candidacy on interview day. Get the inside scoop with 5 Questions (And Answers!) About Your Interview.

Redefine Opportunities 

Apply for our corps today to make a lifelong impact on students while growing your own leadership skills. 



We’ve aligned the timing of our deadline windows with important campus events (e.g., final exams, winter break) as well as other employers’ timelines. This enables you to make a fully informed decision about the options before you, including TFA.


You’ll have ample time and support when determining which of our regions is right for you. After you’ve completed your interview, you will have the opportunity to research and select your location and classroom preferences on the Applicant Center. 

We are excited that you are considering joining our network of leaders who are working to make change across our country. We look forward to meeting you and supporting you in exploring Teach For America as the place to launch your leadership journey.


Sean Waldheim is the senior vice president of admissions at Teach For America. He was a 2000 Greater New Orleans corps member and joined TFA’s staff in 2002.