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Thank You, Jack McGrory

Teach For America - San Diego would not exist without local champion, Jack McGrory

By The TFA Editorial Team

December 12, 2016

Jack McGrory is an integral part of San Diego -- and Teach For America - San Diego’s origin. 

This month marks the end of McGrory’s tenure as Chair of Teach For America – San Diego’s Board of Directors, a position he has held for four years. As McGrory transitions from Board Chair to Chair Emeritus, we’d like to thank him for his dedication to educational equity, and his outstanding contributions to Teach For America and to San Diego.

McGrory’s extensive resume includes serving as the San Diego city manager, chairman and CEO of Price Legacy Corporation, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the San Diego Padres, manager of the Price Group, and executive vice president and director of Price Charities. He now chairs the Campanile Foundation, the fundraising arm of San Diego State University where he has taught graduate level courses in public administration for over 25 years, and is the CEO of La Jolla MJ Management, Inc.

When Teach For America - San Diego Executive Director David Lopez approached McGrory about serving as our region’s first chairman, he knew that McGrory had an inspiring personal connection to our social justice movement. McGrory’s daughter, Jennifer, was a corps member in Charlotte, North Carolina. She later graduated from Harvard Law School with honors and worked in the HUD General Counsel’s office in Washington, D.C. 

“Jenny’s dedication and hard work was what inspired me to work to bring Teach For America to San Diego and try to improve the quality of education for our youth.”

Jack McGrory

Under McGrory’s leadership, TFA-San Diego has recruited, trained, and supported nearly 80 educators, transforming the lives of nearly 10,000 low-income students in San Diego. McGrory has remained steadfast in his commitment to collective efforts, helping the organization build partnerships with approximately 30 organizations throughout the county.


“Teach For America would not exist in San Diego without our champion, Jack McGrory.”

David Lopez

Jack McGrory and his legacy will continue to play an integral role in Teach For America – San Diego’s success. On behalf of all of the students and teachers whom McGrory has helped us serve in San Diego, thank you!