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Teach For America Partners With State Farm to Provide School Supplies to Students and Teachers in Title I Schools

The $10,000 grant from State Farm will help local educators in Miami-Dade and Duval County Public Schools purchase supplies for their classrooms

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By Courtney Salazar

July 30, 2021

FLORIDA, July 12, 2021— State Farm is partnering with Teach For America (TFA) regions in Jacksonville & Central Florida and Miami-Dade to provide essential learning materials to thousands of students in Miami-Dade County and Duval County Title I, high-need schools. With students still navigating hybrid learning environments due to COVID-19 and recognizing the consistent barriers many students face to obtain necessary school supplies, State Farm’s $10,000 donation will directly support 150 teachers and impact more than 13,000 students in Title I schools. 

Regarding the partnership, Executive Director of the Teach For America Florida regions, LaKeisha Wells-Palmer, shared, “This year, many students that we serve, specifically those in communities of need spanning across Jacksonville and Miami-Dade, have been disproportionately affected by lack of access to essential learning tools needed to thrive this school year.” She added,  “We refuse to let our students fall through the cracks, and this partnership with State Farm ensures that, despite any unexpected circumstances that our teachers and students will face in the coming school year, obtaining essential learning supplies is one less barrier they will have to overcome.” 

In addition to the generous donation that will go towards purchasing school supplies, State Farm agents in Jacksonville and Miami-Dade will collect school supplies to be donated to Teach For America educators. State Farm agents will be collecting donations from now until August 9th to support students in high-need schools across Jacksonville and Miami-Dade and do their part to ensure kids have the resources they need next school year. 

Alexis Lassiter, a TFA corps member and Rookie Teacher of the Year at Brownsville Middle School shared, “Starting the year during a global pandemic was really challenging. The funds provided by State Farm will enable me to purchase resources to make my classroom engaging and accessible for my students.”

In alignment with Teach For America’s commitment to providing all children with access to an equitable and excellent education, State Farm believes that all children deserve access to a quality education. The organization aims to do its part to support students to reach their greatest potential, become active community members, and prepare them for the workforce. 

State Farm has partnered with Teach For America regions in Florida since 2011. With the support of the State Farm, more students across the state, particularly in some of the state’s highest need schools, have access to excellent and equitable classrooms that will help prepare them for future success.


Contact: Courtney Salazar

To find out more about how to donate supplies, reach out to Jose Soto at