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Supporter Spotlight: Veridus, LLC

Wendy Briggs (Board Member), and Jay Kaprosy were recognized at our 2017 Celebration Dinner for their incredible support and commitment to our mission over the past 10 years.

Veridus Spotlight

By Marlena Sauceda

April 12, 2017

Since 2007, Wendy Briggs and Jay Kaprosy have provided pro-bono lobbying services to Teach For America – Phoenix through Veridus, a multi-disciplinary public affairs firm.

Their support and work to secure state funding for the first time in 2007 was vital to the growth of TFA in Phoenix, and allowed us to gain the critical mass of leadership that is now evident by the number of alumni making an impact across the state in every sector today.

The years following the first grant from the State of Arizona saw the largest incoming corps sizes in TFA-Phoenix’s 23-year history.

“It was super rewarding to have that kind of impact, and talk about the number of students we’re able to impact. It helped to create a sustained Teach For America presence in many school districts,” Jay says.

Wendy and Jay are both driven by the results that TFA corps members and alumni can have.

“We’ve been getting great people and we believe in them,” Wendy says. “I love the results that TFA teachers get…they walk the walk.”

Jay says that he is proud of the fact that TFA continues to bring the “best and brightest” to Phoenix and place them in low-income classrooms, where there is a huge need for teachers who are willing to take on the challenge of teaching with limited resources.

They are optimistic about the fact that education is becoming a priority for the state, and that the focus is shifting toward student achievement.

“I think there is a greater desire, a greater public emphasis on outcomes for students regardless of their family income,” Jay says.

Wendy sees the path toward our vision of One Day happening at the classroom level.

“[We] need excellent teachers in front of every student, who are motivated and committed to making sure those students are getting an excellent education,” she says.

Wendy and Jay see their support of TFA as one small part in “One Community for All Students.”

“If we can support TFA, which is one critical cog in the wheel, then we can help get all the pieces put together in pursuit of changing the lives of students in our most challenging schools,” Jay says.