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I Could Finally Be Myself Around My TFA Teachers

Marcos Vargas (Rio Grande Valley '16) recalls how his TFA teachers inspired him to believe in himself, and to become a role model for kids in his community.

By Marcos Vargas

February 26, 2019

My TFA Teachers Were My Greatest Confidants

Growing up, Marcos Vargas (Rio Grande Valley ‘16) felt like he didn’t always fit in. As a student, he confided in his Teach For America teachers, who became some of his most trusted mentors. Now, Marcos is inspired to be that role model for the students he teaches.

Growing up in a very religious Hispanic town, I never fit that norm, and I confided in my TFA teachers, and I felt, for once, not out of place.

I felt like I could be myself around these teachers. They were the ear that I always was looking for. So, when, in turn, I applied, that's what I wanted to provide to my students, on top of an amazing education.