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How the Leroy “Pop” Miller Fellows Are Spending Their Summers

Get to know the members of the 2020-2021 Leroy “Pop” Miller Fellowship

Photo of the late Leroy "Pop" Miller with the LPM Fellowship logo

By Sara-Kay Mooney

July 8, 2021

The Leroy "Pop" Miller (LPM) Fellowship provides additional support and leadership opportunities to alumni teachers who continue leading within the classroom. The fellowship is named after the late Leroy "Pop" Miller—a principal who led for 37 years in service to students, staff, families, and the community. Many describe Pop as a visionary, trailblazer, and consensus builder who was committed to improving public education. 

The 2020-2021 LPM Fellows are interning at phenomenal placement sites that allow them to share their strengths, develop further skills, and learn from community change agents. We’re excited to introduce them and share more about their summer internships below!

Brionna Eaddy (CPT ‘18)

Brionna is a Kindergarten teacher and grade level chair at KIPP Change Academy in Charlotte.

This summer I’m interning with MeckEd in Charlotte.They are an organization that helps provide meaningful out of school opportunities for middle and high school students. I’m currently working on cultivating an advocacy plan for them focused on how out of school programs can be used to help mitigate gaps created by COVID.

I have witnessed firsthand how these enriching opportunities for students help them to advocate for themselves and gain real world experience. I recently visited a farm where a group of elementary to high school girls created their own businesses and had to be intentional about sustaining a business while focusing on profits, revenue, and margins.


Johnna Hauck (CPT ‘18)

Johnna currently teaches 5th grade at Devonshire Elementary.

This summer I’m interning with the Latin American Coalición (LAC) to develop a tutoring program that provides additional academic support and resources for students in grades 6-12.

I chose to intern with LAC with my Latinx students and their families in mind. I’m excited about the opportunity to strengthen my allyship with the Latinx community in Charlotte as well as to work to provide access and opportunity for students across the city.


Tia Jones (CPT ‘18)

After teaching Math at West Charlotte High School for the past three years, Tia will be beginning her role as an actuarial assistant for The Hartford in August.

This summer I’m working independently to create a bridge program to introduce Black and Brown middle and high school students to actuarial science, combining my passion for educational equity with my new career. The bridge program will be in the form of a week-long bootcamp taking place in the summer of 2022. During the bootcamp experience, students will learn about insurance, the actuarial career, and general business skills like networking, interviewing, and negotiating. They will also learn some of the math that actuaries use in their day-to-day roles.

I’m really enjoying being able to combine two of my passions. I’m excited about the program because this is such a lucrative career with low financial barriers to entry, but many people don’t know about it. I’m hoping that this bootcamp will spur interest in the career, encourage students to stay engaged in their math classes, and eventually help to make the profession more diverse.

Gregsha’ Lee (CPT ‘18)

Gregsha’ is a proud North Carolinian & HBCU grad (NCAT) who currently serves as a Science teacher, Junior Class Advisor, Track Director, and Assistant Athletic Director at Dudley High School in Greensboro.

This summer I am participating in an internship at SERVE where I will be directly involved in planning sessions with the National Center for Homeless Education.

I am looking forward to gaining insight on the current state of homeless education and bridging the gap between stakeholders and educators so that homeless and transient students and families have proper access to tools and services designated for them.

Marcia Moyd-Williams (CPT ‘17)

Marcia Moyd-Williams is a valued intern with The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Division of Child Development and Early Education. 

Marcia’s research and analysis advances the implementation of evidence-based early childhood education policies outlined in the North Carolina Early Childhood Action Plan. Marcia is a UNCG graduate student, who is also a 3rd grade Expanded Impact Teacher at Gillespie Park Elementary. “I have truly enjoyed informing the wide range of stakeholders who assist families in raising strong, smart and successful children,” said Marcia.

Sonca Pham (CPT ‘18)

Sonca Pham teaches 1st Grade at Sugar Creek Charter School in Charlotte.

I’m currently interning at my placement school with my Curriculum Facilitator. I’m working on planning the reading/phonics scope and sequence for the upcoming school year as well as coaching teachers. 

So far, I have enjoyed unpacking the science of reading for young learners and practicing strategies on what makes an effective coach.

Gregory Rudd (CPT ‘18)

Gregory, a Chicago native, recently completed his third year teaching science at West Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte.  

This summer, I am working at the education consulting firm Public Impact. My projects have included preparing for and helping facilitate summer professional learning for Multi-Classroom Leaders from around the country; analyzing and summarizing interview transcripts from school leaders at six lab schools that are operated by North Carolina state universities; and completing a comparative analysis of teacher leader programs - including Opportunity Culture - and their efficacy at improving both teacher and student success.

I’ve greatly enjoyed working with former LPM Fellow Whitaker Brown (CPT ‘13) and having the opportunity to pick his brain about his wealth of knowledge pertaining to education policy in North Carolina and throughout the country. Whitaker has been extremely available and open about his experiences at Public Impact and has skillfully explained the company’s missions and visions. While I had previously heard of Opportunity Culture and worked under a Multi-Classroom Leader during my first year in the classroom, Whitaker has taken me through the details of implementing and reviewing an Opportunity Culture by graciously including me in meetings and answering all of my granular questions. It’s been both enjoyable and educational!

Rachel Wilson (CPT ‘18)

Originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Rachel taught 7th grade Science at Whitewater Middle in Charlotte for three years. She is now moving into the education consulting industry.

I'm interning with the Education Outreach Department at PBS Charlotte. We work to connect families and schools with free PBS resources.

Currently I'm planning a read-along event for K-2 students. Access is our goal, and I've learned how important effective marketing is to achieving this mission.