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Education Elevates, With Education I Could Achieve Economic Mobility

April 13, 2022

nadya peace

While in high school Nayda Peace encountered homelessness, but her natural grit and drive led her to graduate as valedictorian. “I knew education was the way out”, she said. 

Fast forward a couple of years later, Nayda was recruited from UC Davis by Teach For America. Her personal mission and that of Teach For America were aligned; Nayda wanted to be a vessel of an excellent education to students like her, so that they could get out of poverty. In 2019, Nayda was placed in Las Vegas at Chaparral High School. She says that teaching was the most difficult experience in her life, even though she had not had it easy before. Nayda knew that many of the students she served walked the same life path as hers. Chaparral High School is surrounded by nine weekly hotels, which meant some of her students were homeless. “I knew instantly I could make an impact here," Nayda said. On top of providing academic excellence, she gave connection and understanding to her students, which resulted in greater impact.  

“I want to make the entire school safer and more impactful: I became the freshman class advisor, the Black Student Union adviser, tutored after school… Anywhere I saw a need I was there.” 

“Teach For America found me and Las Vegas made me a part of their family." Nayda attributes Teach for America for giving her emotional and financial support while training her to deliver a great education.  “What keeps me in this work is knowing I am not alone. Everytime we get together with the wider TFA network I see a great number of people who are advancing educational equity all across the valley.  We are fighting for the same mission to give the opportunity to all children in Nevada to have an excellent education regardless of race or zip code."

“Although I am from San Francisco, I am never leaving Las Vegas," she concluded.  


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