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Developing Our Leaders: Get To Know Our Alumni Learning Communities

As part of our bold direction, we've expanded our programming to support a lifetime of learning. Hear from TFA alumna, Molly Bloom (Baltimore '13), as she shares her experience with our new alumni learning communities.

Molly Bloom

By The TFA Editorial Team

January 31, 2018

Why did you join the Rising School Leaders Monthly Kitchen Table Learning Community?

Molly: I’ve been teaching since 2013, and my next step is to one day become an administrator. To help me reach this goal, over the summer I participated in the Teach For America Baltimore’s Rising School Leaders Summer Fellowship. The fellowship gave me an opportunity to learn from TFA alumni principals and connect with other alumni who are interested in becoming future administrators of Baltimore City Schools. Because of that experience, I knew I wanted to keep learning more and building my network. TFA’s Rising School Leaders Monthly Kitchen Table has been an opportunity for me to continue to grow and observe how principals across the city are leading schools.

How has this learning community impacted your professional and leadership development?

Molly: The learning community has helped me connect with principals and create working relationships with them. I now have an even more incredible support group of people who want to see me succeed. It’s also opened my eyes to different styles of leadership. Now, I’m on my path to determine my own leadership style.

How are you implementing what you have learned?

Molly: I have the unique opportunity to lead the special education department at my school. In this role, I practice what I’ve learned through the fellowship and the learning community to be a stronger leader and to ensure our students are on the path for success.

How has the learning community connected you with fellow alumni?

Molly: In this group, there are a lot of alumni who teach high school. Through our shared experiences and now by being part of this learning community, we’ve been able to build a strong camaraderie. We’re working together to plan for the future and one day lead schools in Baltimore. Also, many of the principals who we are learning from, are TFA alumni. They have been in our shoes and feel the same sense of urgency we do.

How do you see yourself or your role as part of the movement towards ending educational inequity? How does the learning community align with that?

Molly: I hope to one day create and lead a school that will work towards ensuring educational equity for all students. And through this learning community, I have strong role models who are teaching me how it can be achieved. I am really impressed with how TFA has set up and is leading this learning community. TFA understands that we need strong leaders and this learning community is helping develop them. I’m excited to see what else they offer to help me and fellow alumni grow.