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Demographic Data Changes

We are excited to announce that TFA is in the process of changing how we collect and report demographic data.

May 23, 2022

We are excited to announce that TFA is in the process of changing how we collect and report demographic data. This is a much needed shift to make our demographic data collection more inclusive and consistent across the groups of people we serve. We know that this undertaking is long overdue and we are excited to reveal that implementation of a solution is already in progress. 

One of the key motivations for this work is that the ways in which we have historically collected demographic information have not always offered our participants the opportunity to authentically identify themselves. In addition to falling short of our DEI commitment, this divergence means that our knowledge of the demographics of our constituents has been inadequate to meet and help guide us through this moment. We are proud that we have taken these initial steps to live more fully into our organizational aspirations and better support members of our community, but recognize that this will be an ongoing effort.

You can read more about the new way we are collecting demographic data here.

When is this happening?

The recommendations were approved for implementation in June 2020 and, since then, we have been working to implement these changes across the following groups, beginning with new data collection.

  • Corps applicants: if you applied to the corps starting in August 2020, you’ve already been asked the new questions!
  • Staff: began being asked the questions in spring 2021; coming soon for staff applicants!
  • Corps members: asked the new questions in summer 2021; to be supplied for subsequent corps through the application with updates implemented as needed for individuals
  • Alumni: limited initial collection began in summer 2021 with large-scale collection still to come

For all of our participants, we intend to offer the ability to identify (and re-identify as necessary) using these new questions soon, so that you can claim your authentic self, as well as allow us to create programming responsive to who you are. Stay tuned for updates!