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Charlotte-Piedmont Triad Alumni Resources

Approximately 435 strong, our alumni continue to have a strong impact on educational equity in and out of the classroom. Come join us as we work alongside other community members to do what’s right and just for all students in Charlotte.

Members of the Charlotte-Piedmont Triad alumni advisory board.

September 3, 2018

In Charlotte, alumni are making their mark in the fields of organizing, education, healthcare, law, banking and finance. While Charlotte is ranked 8th among the top 10 big booming cities, there’s work to be done to ensure every child in Charlotte can say, “I have the career of my dreams and/or attend the college of my choice because of my school.”

Staying in the classroom? Working outside of the school? We have programs for alumni across all sectors of our community. Take a look at some of the opportunities available for you.

Alumni Resources

Aspiring Leaders Program

In partnership with TFA, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) offers the Aspiring Leaders Program (ALP), which provides high-potential teachers the opportunity to explore executive-level careers in CMS. Teachers participating in the year-long program will have the opportunity for leadership development through executive mentoring, a seven-week career shadowing fellowship, stretch projects and formal leadership training. Our goal is to develop aspiring leaders with strong interest in continuing their careers in CMS.

The Charlotte Collective

The Collective is a national alumni of color association seeking to engage, empower and equip alumni as well as current and future corps members of color with tools needed to embody leadership in any career path to continue to be agents of change for educational equality. Get involved with the Collective in Charlotte.

Professional Development

Each year we offer various Professional and Personal Development sessions based on your feedback. From “Systemic Racism & Educational Inequity” workshops to “Policy & Pints” nights, our PD opportunities are a time for you to connect back with the mission and each other. Check out our events list to see what opportunities are coming up.

National Programs

Learn more about our national alumni community and find opportunities to connect and grow through career support, fellowships, and resources.

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