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#CenteringStudentVoices - My Vision for the Future

April 28, 2022

a student standing in front of a tree, the ground lined with snow. the students wears black pants and a grey sweater,

What is your name, and where are you from?

My name is Ryan Evans, and I was born in Colorado and lived there for 9 years, then moved to Indiana and have lived here ever since!

What school do you attend, and what grade are you in?

I attend Purdue Polytechnic Highschool Englewood, and I am currently a sophomore.

What is your vision for your future?

Recently throughout my time in high school, I have been more inclined towards becoming a future teacher and educator.

Do you feel like you are adequately being prepared for your future? Why or Why not?

Personally, I feel as if I’m a little behind regarding being prepared for my future. I think this for a few reasons, but the main one being I don’t feel as if I’ve had enough time to process and acclimate to the realization that I am going to be a Junior. I never was really driven to see the fact that college is approaching rapidly, therefore, I feel as if I lack awareness of it resulting in my lessened amount of preparedness. Additionally, I missed my first year of high school, simply because we were all online.

What classes or opportunities does your school provide prepare you for your future career? If none, what classes or opportunities would you like to have available?

I’m not entirely sure as a lot of those classes and opportunities are given more frequently to Juniors and Seniors for them to get the 1 on 1 assistance they require; however, I know there are a few classes that we offer. These classes include college preparation, leadership development, SAT help, and general education & college preparedness classes. Regarding opportunities, our school offers a wide variety of internships and courses to do throughout your time at PPHS. For instance, we have lots of internships regarding future positions and working at camps and/or under people of your desired career. Additionally, they offer lots of dual credit opportunities, as well as a college course over the summer for those who choose so.


How are you pursuing your interests outside of school?

Since I am planning on going into education and minoring in something within the social sciences field, I’ve been reaching out to try and grasp any opportunities and internships that are available to me that are within this range of expertise. Additionally, I’ve done research here and there outside of the things I learn in school to try and help better my perspective on rising and current issues, as well as the basic principles and educating myself further on the topic. 

What else would you need to accomplish those dreams you have set for yourself?

I think opening a wider variety of internships for students in the education field could help me and others with the same passion accomplish these dreams.