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Celebrating Entrepreneur Candice Morales

Here in the Las Vegas Valley, we have more than 330 alumni shaping the political, economic, and social future of our city, state, and country. Meet just a few of the incredible leaders who are making a real impact in Clark county.

A group of about 50 women smile at the camera for a group photo in a restaurant.

By The TFA Editorial Team

December 16, 2016

Four years after transitioning out of a full time teaching role, I am still pursuing my passion for coaching others to reach their fullest potential. What I loved most about my time in the classroom was being able to connect students with broader opportunities. I also loved helping them see their own potential. My current role allows these passions and desires to have an effect on more than just the students within my classroom. The message of self-worth and one’s capacity for greatness is far-reaching.

This year, I launched two businesses in that pursuit: Elevate and Riding with Cory and Candice. Elevate is a lifestyle consulting agency. I work one-on-one, or in small-group settings, with individuals to make their dreams a reality--whether it is discovering their passion and pursuing it to fruition, creating boundaries that align to their happiness, or developing new skills. I am proud of what my clients have been able to accomplish, and it is incredible to be able to engage with them in that process.

“Four years after transitioning out of a full time teaching role, I am still pursuing my passion for coaching others to reach their fullest potential.”

Candice Morales

Riding with Cory and Candice is a brand I started with my best friend, Cory Hentzen. Riding with Cory and Candice provides a platform to elevate the epicness of women through shared stories, adventure, and lifestyle. Utilizing my passion for coaching and her passion for event and space design, we bring women together through small and large scale experiences. For example, our bi-monthly Vegas Women Connect is a networking experience in which attendees share their stories, passions, and even their fears. We also host a book club where we provide access to the world’s greatest diverse, female mentors, and every Tuesday afternoon, we use Facebook Live to ride around Downtown Las Vegas interviewing amazing women from the backseat of our car.

Our goal is to change the singular narrative around what it means to be a woman in the Las Vegas Valley. Ultimately, these events allow women to connect as a community and help one another live lives that they once only imagined, much like the community I built in my classroom.

To learn more about Riding with Candice and Cory, log on to Facebook or Instagram, or reach out to Candice via email.