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Alumni Spotlight: Caroline Smith

We check in with 2013 Nashville alumna, Caroline Smith, who recently received H.G. Hill Middle School's Teacher of the Year award!

By The TFA Editorial Team

January 18, 2018

Caroline Smith

Name: Caroline Smith

Corps Region & Year: Nashville 2013

Current Role:  7th Grade Literacy Teacher at HG Hill Middle School

Hometown: Madison, MS


Why Nashville?

Nashville has been great professionally and personally. The school system is diverse and dynamic, and I have loved working at my school. Outside of work, there is always something fun to do, and it offers so much more than just downtown. The more you explore it, the more it has to offer. Plus, the food is incredible.


Is your current work connected to the vision of achieving “One Day” in Nashville? 

Of course. I am even still in the same classroom from my first year of teaching. I’ve changed subjects, but I’m still in seventh grade. I realized how much classroom experience helped me push student achievement, so I wanted to stay beyond my commitment and become the best teacher I could. I’ve learned so much the past five years, and this year was extra special because I was awarded Teacher of the Year!


What are 3 things you learned in the Corps that you’d like to share with incoming corps members? 

There is a lot to learn throughout your corps experience, but I would say the top three are focus on what is within your control, prioritize self-care just like you do grading or lesson planning, and take advantage of having great teachers in your building and in the corps to help you. This work cannot be done alone!


One thing to do before leaving the Corps?

Get your Master’s—seriously! I am constantly thankful that I pushed through the coursework early on so I can focus on other goals now.