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Alumni Feature: Tiffany Martin

Alumni Tiffany Martin tells her service after completing her corps journey.

Tiffany Martin

By The TFA Editorial Team

December 1, 2015

Tiffany Martin ('05), Atlanta, GA

Director of Operations, Fulton County Schools

Why did you join TFA: Growing up in inner-city Detroit, I was incredibly blessed to have a series of teachers that cared deeply about me and my education. Because of their hard work and dedication, I was afforded opportunities that I otherwise would not have had. Joining TFA was my small attempt to have a similar impact on other inner-city children.

Favorite TFA Memory: Some of my favorite memories stem from the camaraderie that I experienced with other TFA cohort members. We debated the efficacy of educational policies, lamented conditions at our schools and generally supported each other.

How has TFA impacted you: TFA set me on a path towards a continued contribution to the education reform movement. Although I did spend some time in the private sector after TFA, my experience as a teacher instilled in me a passion for the work that ultimately brought me back to education.

College(s) attended: Yale College, B.A. in Political Science; Emory (Goizueta), Master of Business Administration.; Broad Center for the Management of School Systems, Master of Educational Leadership

Community activities: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated., Young Professionals for Educational Equity (YPEE)