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Alumni Feature: Jared Dawson

" I joined (TFA) because I wanted to serve. "

By The TFA Editorial Team

September 30, 2019

Jared Dawson

Jared Dawson (’07), Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Central Team, City Director

Why did you join TFA: I joined because I wanted to serve. My faith in Jesus put in me a desire to serve the powerless and underprivileged.

Favorite TFA Memory: Institute 2007 at Georgia Tech. It was fun to meet so many new people.

How has TFA impacted you: TFA exposed me to the injustice that inner-city youth and families experience. Before TFA, injustice was only something I knew existed through reading and some minor personal experiences. TFA made it real for me.

College Attended: Indiana University Bloomington

Community Activities: Cornerstone Church, Cru, Kappa Alpha Psi