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7 Ways Busy Teachers Can Find Time to Exercise

Despite a packed schedule as an educator, you still can sneak in a little activity here and there for the sake of your well-being.

7 Ways Busy Teachers Can Find Time to Exercise

By The TFA Editorial Team

November 5, 2015

We all know physical activity is a must. It’s essential for good health, but it makes a big impact on our mental well-being, too. Yet, for busy teachers, finding time to exercise isn’t an easy feat. When faced with a very early morning wake-up call or a post-school day, exhausted slog, teachers often toss in the towel for some Netflix—and with good cause.

But even though the sweet sounds of your sofa are calling, you still can sneak in a little activity here and there. We believe in you. Check out these seven ways busy teachers can find time to exercise.

1. Are you a morning person? Although not for everyone, hitting the gym first thing in the morning (hello, 4:30am alarm clock!) has many benefits. You get the satisfaction of having accomplished something before the school day and increased energy levels to power you through the day. Plus, there are fewer distractions in the wee hours to derail your workout.

2. On second thought, early mornings are rough (a teacher’s gotta sleep), especially in the winter months, so visiting the gym in the afternoon might be your best bet. The key to success in the PM? Bring your workout clothes with you and go straight to the gym (do not go home; your couch is a cruel temptress) after school.

3. Put exercise on your calendar! One way to make sure fitness receives the priority treatment it deserves is to schedule it like a doctor’s appointment or haircut. Write it in pen.

4. One way to stay motivated is to enlist your fellow teachers and start a workout club. You can plan outings after work or schedule quick 10 minute walks during lunch or other breaks.

5. Make your commute your daily workout by biking or running to work. This is another great way to kick off the day with some heart pumping activity, and it serves as a great stress reliever at the end of the day.

6. Every school has sports; sign up to be a coach. It will get you outside and moving—and you won’t have any excuse to bail on practice days.

7. If exercising during the week seems like a herculean task (we hear you), go extra big on Saturday and Sunday with full-length workouts. You can supplement those anchors with short, brisk walks during the work week.

What other ways do you make time for exercise, teachers? Share your suggestions in the comments!