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Apps and Tools to Help Manage Stress for Teachers

Teaching can be both stressful and demanding, which is why we've rounded up the latest apps to help teachers tackle stress and practice self-care.

Alumni teaching in the classroom.

By The TFA Editorial Team

March 23, 2020

While the rewards and impact of teaching can be life changing, the stakes of the job are high, and burnout, stress, and anxiety can be real challenges for teachers. That's why as educators it's important to carve out time for ourselves and practice self-care.

To get started, we've covered a few mindful, zenful, and reflective apps to help you on your path to calming your mind.



Quick and easy to use, Headspace allows users to sit back and relax with a short, undaunting meditation sequence. Combining modern science with Buddhist fundamentals, Headspace takes you through ten-course basics of how to rest and quiet your restless brain. Better yet, Headspace also contains guided meditations especially for focus, sleep, anxiety, and more.

Teach For America has partnered with this popular mindfulness app to offer its services free of charge to TFA corps members and alumni teachers. To take advantage of this offer, go to abd use your email address.(For now, this offer is open only to TFA corps members. It will be extended to alumni in the near future.)

Devices: iOS or Android


Stop, Breathe & Think

Brought to you by the Mind Body Awareness Project, Stop, Breathe & Think is a one-of-a-kind new app that asks you to take 10 seconds to check-in with yourself. After answering a few quick and easy question about your mood, it suggests a curated list of recommendations for you to try, including listing what you’re grateful for, acupressure, breathing exercises, and much more. Other features include a daily check-in journal and progress tracker. You can also explore topical sessions and course such as “Tame Your Anxiety,” “Slay Your Stress,”  and “Heal and Forgive” for in-app purchases.

Devices: iOS



Calm is one of the most popular apps for meditation, relaxation, and getting some much needed shut-eye. It’s also now free for educators. Teachers in K-12 classrooms can now get free access to Calm’s paid subscription service and access a library chock-full of guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and soothing tunes to keep your feeling present, blissful, or put you to bed. Through the Calm Students Initiative teachers can also opt in the receive best practices to introduce mindfulness to the classroom as well.

Devices: iOS or Android


Simple Habit

Simple Habit knows life can be challenging sometimes. That’s why its offers simple five-minute meditations to help ease your mind. The app lets you personalize your experience and choose interests that matter to you--whether it’s increased focus, productivity, fitness, and more--and then allows you to choose from various short meditation practices. The app is perfect for busy people on the go, who, at a moment's notice, can pop in their earbuds and find the respite, relaxation, advice, or healing.  

Devices: iOS or Android


Insight Timer- Meditation App

Don’t be fooled by the name, the Insight Meditation app is actually home to free and robust offerings geared toward mindfulness, stress reduction, learning, and healing. Home to one of the largest free libraries of meditations and music, Insight Time allows you to explore and try out courses, guided meditations, and deep breathing exercises and talks. It also connects you to six million other mediators as well. Beyond its extensive other features includes meditation timer with different soundscapes and settings, reflection journal, other in-app purchases and add-ons.

Devices: iOS or Android


Breathing Zone

Simple, effective, and free, Breathing Zone, helps guide to a calmer state. Through using your phone's microphone, the app detects your breathing rate and automatically sets your target breathing rate and works with you to gradually reduce it. Breathing Zone is a great option for those looking to lower blood pressure or quickly manage moments of stress and anxiety in minutes.  

Devices: iOS or Android