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60 Ways to Thank a Teacher

Looking for a way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week? We have you covered with 60 ways you can thank the special teacher in your life, this week or all year long.

How to say thanks to a teacher

By The TFA Editorial Team

May 3, 2019

Your school is filled with amazing leaders and educators just waiting to be recognized and celebrated. Whether you're a student, parent, principal, or colleague, we've put together a list of ways you can thank them for their dedication to students.

If You’re a Student

1. Draw a picture of your teacher, playground, or classroom.

2. Write a poem dedicated to your teacher.

3. Offer to help clean up after school or collect papers.

4. Bring in a batch of homemade cookies.

5. Offer to help organize their files or desk.

6. Write a list of ways your teacher has impacted you and share it with them.

7. Bring in breakfast for your teacher.

8. Tell your teacher something specific you learned and what it means to you.

9. Bring in flowers for their desk.

10. Write to your past teachers letting them know how much you appreciated them.

11. Nominate your teacher for a teaching award.

12. Make a playlist for your teacher to listen to on their way to and from school.

13. Remain an involved member of your school community even after graduation.

If You're a Parent or Community Member

14. Sign up to volunteer in the classroom.

15. Get your teacher a gift card for school supplies, a restaurant, a movie, or a spa.

16. Make a contribution to buy books for the classroom.

17. Bring in coffee.

18. Bring in bagels for the teacher’s lounge.

19. Pitch in with other parents to cater lunch.

20. Take time to let teachers know the impact they’ve had on your child

21. Organize a book drive for the classroom.

22. Get together with other parents to donate school supplies.

23. Have flowers delivered.

24. Send a fruit basket.

25. Make a homemade gift basket together with your child.

26. Make a donation to a charity in the teacher’s honor.

27. Let your school's administrator know how well the teacher is doing.

28. Contact local officials to advocate for more resources for schools and/or for changes in education policy.

29. Send a magazine subscription to the classroom.

30. Send in pencilsteachers can never have enough pencils!

If You’re a Principal 

31. Do a quick teacher’s lounge makeover.

32. Substitute in classrooms for an hour.

33. Celebrate teachers with a “Teacher of the Month” program.

34. Reward teachers with priority parking spots.

35. Organize a car wash with students to help wash teacher’s cars.

36. Send parents a reminder about Teacher Appreciation Day.

37. Make a special PA or TV announcement on behalf of Teacher Appreciation Day.

38. Decorate their doors.

39. Assign a special jeans day.

40. Throw a themed lunch party for teachers.

41. Stock the staff restrooms with flowers, nice soap, and hand cream.

42. Consider a group gift for the teacher’s lounge, like a new coffee maker.

43. Ask parents to contribute to teacher shout-outs for morning announcements.

44. Create an appreciation wall where students post notes of appreciation to teachers.

45. Organize 10-minute chair massages at the school.

46. Throw a pep rally to thank teachers.

47. Bring in a yoga instructor for a mindfulness session.

48. Surprise staff with an ice cream sundae bar after school or at a meeting.

49. Sponsor a teacher’s trip to a conference.

If You’re a Colleague 

50. Celebrate the milestones and special events in a colleague’s life.

51. Arrange a teachers’ night out.

52. Write thank you cards.

53. Bring in special treats for the break room.

54. Invite fellow teachers out for a special dinner or movie night.

55. Place a note and candy in each teacher's mailbox.

56. Bring in a motivational and inspirational book for the teachers’ lounge.

57. Start a book club.

58. Organize a spa outing.

59. Start a team to participate in a charity run.

60. Head to the schoolyard after hours for pick-up basketball with your colleagues.