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32 Ways to Thank an Educator Virtually

Here are some quarantine-safe, social distancing-friendly ways you can show your appreciation this Teacher Appreciation Week.

Hearts on the sidewalk.

By The TFA Editorial Team

April 30, 2020

With a global pandemic having closed schools, people everywhere are beginning to realize the incredibly inspiring and rigorous work teachers do on behalf of their students every day. Whether you're a student, parent, principal, or colleague, we've put together a fun list of safe ways you can thank the educators in your life for their dedication to studentsall from the safety and comfort of home.

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If You’re a Student

  • Write a poem dedicated to your teacher.
  • Write a list of ways your teacher has impacted you and share it with them.
  • Tell your teacher something specific you learned from them and what that means to you.
  • Write to your past teachers letting them know how much you appreciate them.
  • Nominate your teacher for a teaching award.
  • Make a playlist for your teacher to listen to.
  • Share a virtual Kudoboard with pics, gif, and more using offer code: ThanksTeachers2020.
  • Screenshot an inspirational quote and tag your teacher. 
  • Create a TikTok with friends or family celebrating your teacher. 
  • Share a song or dance on TikTok or Instagram stories and dedicate it to a teacher. 
  • Screenshot a poem in Notes and tag your teacher. 
  • Plan a Zoom surprise party with your class.
  • Share a special GIF that shows your appreciation. 

If You're a Parent

  • Get your child’s teacher a gift card they can use online or at a local shop when life returns to normal.
  • Let teachers know the impact they’ve had on your child
  • Have flowers delivered.
  • Make a homemade gift basket together with your child and mail it to your teacher.
  • Make a donation to a charity in the teacher’s honor.
  • Let your school's administrator know how well the teacher is doing.
  • Contact local officials to advocate for more resources for schools and/or for changes in education policy.

If You’re a Principal 

  • Substitute on Zoom classrooms for an hour.
  • Celebrate teachers with a “Teacher of the Month” program.
  • Send parents a reminder about Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • Throw a themed virtual party for teachers.
  • Ask parents and students to send in video shoutouts to educators. 
  • Organize a zoom or virtual yoga or mindfulness session with an instructor.

If You’re a Colleague

  • Celebrate the milestones and special events in a colleague’s life.
  • Write thank you emails. 
  • Host a Netflix Party
  • Have a virtual happy hour. 
  • Make a phone montage of photos of you and your peers.
  • Start a virtual book club.