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Teach For America’s Commitment to Research

  • Existing Research
  • Research Agenda

Existing Research

A growing body of rigorous independent research shows that Teach For America corps members and alumni are as effective in promoting student academic achievement as other comparably experienced teachers in the same schools, and sometimes more effective among certain age groups and subjects.

  • For a comprehensive summary of the research on Teach For America’s impact within and beyond the classroom, read What the Research Says.

  • For an overview of research on Teach For America from the past five years, read this two-page summary.

  • For recent independent analyses that looked at Teach For America’s implementation and impact of the Investing in Innovation Scale-Up, click here and here.

  • For Teach For America's own research brief on the extent of alumni teaching, read this piece on unsung teaching.

  • For a memo on racial and ethnic diversity across teacher preparation programs, including Teach For America, click here.

Research Agenda

In addition to studying the development and impact of newer initiatives around special education, early childhood education, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Teach For America’s Research Partnerships team engages with researchers and evaluators to interrogate the following assertions:

  1. Teach For America is a continuously improving organization.

  2. Teach For America provides a lens on the importance of selectivity.

  3. Corps members and alumni bend the opportunity curve for low-income children, directly and indirectly.

  4. Corps members, alumni, and staff show fidelity to the mission—to eliminate educational inequity—in patterns of service among institutions serving low-income children.

  5. Corps members and alumni pursue ambitious opportunities to lead at scale.

  6. In identity and practice, corps members, alumni, and staff embody the notion that diversity among those serving low-income children matters.

Statistics Overview

In collaboration with our corps members, alumni, and staff, Teach For America gathers a great deal of data across all aspects of our work. This information is used to inform programmatic decision-making and to report on our impact with stakeholders. Here we have provided a compilation of frequently requested national statistics covering Teach For America’s work since its inception. Download the full report for more details